CBEC to meet e-tailers on GST roll-out concerns

 CBEC to meet e-tailers on GST roll-out concerns

The Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC) will chair a meeting this week with e-commerce companies over their apprehensions about the Goods and Services Tax (GST) and to fine-tune and improve the law.

While e-tailers have broadly welcomed the government's effort to implement the GST, clauses such as tax at source, which would impact small scale sellers and increase compliance burden, have been bothering these companies.


According to the tax head of a top e-commerce firm, major pain points also include filing tax forms before buying goods more than Rs 5,000 in select states. 


The companies are trying hard to convince the government to do away with these rules in the final GST law .“The government's intent to bring GST is welcome but some clauses seem to have not been looked at carefully . We have already provided feedback on major pain points for us and the meeting is expected to deliberate further on these issues. If these clauses remain in the final law, then a lot of infrastructure spends will be allocated to comply with the norms which we would ideally like to invest in developing the market,“ the person quoted earlier said.


According to this executive, consumers buying goods over Rs 5,000 have to fill a tax form first before receiving the goods.


The Times of India, New Delhi, 19 August 2016