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For the purpose of providing effective service to the stakeholders, the Ministry
of Corporate Affairs has put in place a well- defined Citizens’/Clients’ Charter. The
Ministry has also prescribed a strong decision making procedure in accordance with
the rules and regulations prescribed by the Central Government. Particulars of the
Ministry are publicized in the form of Induction Material and the Mandatory
Disclosures in pursuance of Section 4(1)(b) of the Right to Information Act, 2005.

Nonetheless, with the objective to make available the information about
Ministry of Corporate Affairs at one-stop-shop to the stakeholders, this unified Manual
is presented as per the guidelines issued by the Department of Administrative
Reforms of Public Grievances. The manual, inter-alia, contains vision, mission,
description of the organization; objectives of the Ministry, duties of various
functionaries, channel of submissions and level of disposal, Acts, Rules and
Regulations pertaining to the organization, supervision and control system,
recruitment and training of the officials, monitoring and inspection of field offices in
desired detail.

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